Sunday Night

Starting October 27, 2019, Pastor Dunn will be starting a new Sunday Evening series. This series will focus on death and what it truly means. Topics will include who we are in this present world to who we are as we relate to eternity. We invite you to come out to hear and be encouraged. For those unable to, messages will be found below.


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11/10/2019Pastor Robert Dunn Eternity of God and the fleetingness of man
Sunday Night Psalms
Download Eternity of God and fleetingness of man (
11/17/2019Pastor Robert Dunn Christian perspective of death
Sunday Night Philippians 1:21
Download 01 Dialogues Of The Carmelites- Act III.mp3
12/08/2019Pastor Robert Dunn Dying well
Sunday Morning Message Luke
Download 01 俺の妹がラジオでもこんなに可愛いわけがない第8回.mp3
01/19/2020Pastor Robert Dunn Dying Faith
Sunday Night
Download Dying faith (
02/09/2020Pastor Robert Dunn When death and Jesus meet
Sunday Night
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